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Common Home Inspection Obstructions


Prior to the home inspection have clear access to all:


  • Attic(s)


  • Crawlspace


  • Heat systems


  • Air conditioning systems


  • Hot water systems


  • Water supply


  • Garage walls


  • Electrical panel


  • Visible foundation walls


  • Roof access (if necessary)


  • All other areas that will need to be inspected.



At the time of the inspection:


  • Have seller remove clothes from washer and dryer if conveying.


  • Let seller know dishwasher will be run.


  • Notify inspector of any components which are excluded or should not be operated.



If the home is vacant be sure all utilities are turned on:


  • Water


  • Electric


  • Gas or Propane


  • Water Heater


  • Furnace/Air Conditioning Units


  • Breaker/Fuses in main panel

​Have your house pre-inspected by Building Specs of Illinois, Inc. to reduce the chance of last minute surprises and expenses.  


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